Gluten Free Burger Shaped Macarons

Is it a burger? Is it a macaron? All I know is it’s delicious!

Macarons styled like mini burgers are the epitome of classy finger food. Where any macaron is the perfect addition to afternoon tea, shape them like a burger and suddenly you’ve gone up a level. Can it get even better? Yes, this small change from basic macarons is super simple to do.

If you’re using the recipe for my gluten free macarons you can mostly keep the natural colour, adding only a tiny hint of paprika food colour to the batter before baking. That’s paprika colour to add beige, please don’t add actual spice!

You will need:

  • Fondant rolling pin
  • Small round biscuit cutter
  • Piping bag
  • Cocktail stick


Step 1

Bake the macaron biscuits from my recipe, stopping after you take them out the oven. Let cool completely, they should be ready after 10-15 minutes of cooling.

Step 2

While the macarons are cooling take a piece of fondant and work in your hand to warm up. If you are using white fondant, add the food colouring to the centre of the icing and knead in until the colour is even.

Step 3

On a clean surface sprinkled with icing sugar, roll out the fondant to about 2 or 3 mm thick and cut out with the wiggly side of the biscuit cutter.

Step 4

Gently press the middle of the cut out fondant in your palm and arrange the edges pointing up and down to look like lettuce. Get as artistic as you like here, then set aside to dry out slightly.

Step 5

Make the filling according to your chosen recipe, I used a half batch of coffee buttercream, adding a little extra cocoa and using less liquid, to get a thicker buttercream with a darker colour. A pale burger isn’t appetising after all. However ganache would work really well for this, I just wanted the coffee flavour in mine.

Step 6

Transfer to a piping bag and pipe in a spiral to create a round shape. You can use a round tip nozzle to make this neat, but if you don’t have one just cut a small hole in the tip of the bag. If your burger doesn’t look big enough pipe a second layer on top, to make sure that the filling can be seen. Don’t use all the filling as you will need a tiny amount later.

Step 7

Place the fondant lettuce over the filling and position, before adding a tiny blob of filling on top to make the top macaron biscuit stick.

Step 8

Your burgers should be mostly assembled now, just missing one tiny detail…the seeds. This makes a huge difference to whether your buns look cheap or tasty.

In a small bowl place the icing sugar and a tiny blob of your filling less than the size of a pea, this is to add colour. Gradually combine with lemon juice, as you do so keep mixing with a spoon or small whisk. You may not need all the lemon juice as it’s amazing how little liquid icing sugar needs to turn runny. The icing should be just move-able but not too pour-able, as you don’t want it to run off the macarons.

Step 9

Dip the cocktail stick in the icing and gently press on to the top of the macarons. From here run along the top a fraction before flicking up to create the seeds. Make sure the seeds go in the same direction for the best results.

Thanks for reading 😊

Published by The Bakery At Home

Amateur baker based in the UK with a sugar addiction and gluten intolerance. Inclusive of as many dietary requirements as possible, because everyone deserves to taste the delicious.

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