Mocha Buttercream With A Vegan Option

Buttercream is an absolute essential! You can cover a cake, style a cupcake in multiple ways, fill a macaron, pipe a flower, it goes on..

It is so easy to add flavour to whatever you’re making with buttercream and I love the flavour of drinks in mine, be that alcoholic or not. You’ll have no problem staying awake with this combination of coffee and sugar!

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Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake is my go-to for the basis of most things I bake, and this recipe can be used to make cupcakes and cakes alike. When I’m in a rush this right here is what I use to guarantee it will turn out delicious!

The chocolate cake is based on the Hummingbird chocolate cupcake recipe, turned gluten free with a vegan option. The quantities are doubled compared to the Hummingbird recipe as I often make a cake or muffin size cupcakes, rather than standard cupcakes.

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Christmas Bake Off | Chocolate Pine Cones

In my humble opinion pine cones can basically be applied to anything and voila it’s festive. Even better if it’s also solid chocolate right? This year my Christmas bake off entry was surrounded by chocolate pine cones and modelling paste holly leaves, because everything in life should be edible 💖

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Christmas Bake Off | Gluten-Free Vegan Mirror Glaze Candle Cake

It’s the time of year where I want to bake everything! My office holds an annual Christmas Bake Off, where nothing is too much, and everything is a little bit extra. Lasting a few weeks, each team has their own day to present their creations. Safe to say I love it..

This year my team chose the theme of a Christmas Tea Party, therefore we clearly needed a centrepiece. It gives me great pleasure to introduce the candle cake.

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