Basic Baking

Gluten Free Dr Pepper Cupcakes

When you fancy a sweet treat, Dr Pepper ticks that box. Even better if it's in cake form. However if you don't love Dr Pepper simply replace it with cola. This recipe yields 12 cupcakes. I actually made these cupcake size rather than huge muffins for once! You will need: Stand or handheld mixer Sieve… Continue reading Gluten Free Dr Pepper Cupcakes

Delightfully Decorative

Gluten Free Vegan Baby Shower Cakes

How else do you celebrate a baby shower than with baby decorations on baby size cakes? Simple and classic vanilla cakes, in adorable bite-size designs are the perfect way to welcome a new arrival. Whilst mine are baby boy themed, simply swap from blue to pink if you want to. You will need a fondant… Continue reading Gluten Free Vegan Baby Shower Cakes