Gluten Free Raspberry & Almond Cake

A deliciously moist almond cake that is perfect without gluten. This recipe’s almond sweetness is beautifully complimented by a slight tang of raspberry. You will need 20cm deep springform tin Food processor Stand or handheld mixer Ingredients 140g ground almonds 140g butter 140g golden caster sugar 140g gluten freeΒ self-raising flour Pinch of xanthan gum (optional)Continue reading “Gluten Free Raspberry & Almond Cake”

Gluten Free Skull Macarons

If you want to bake some spookily tasty Halloween treats, look no further than these gluten free macarons shaped like skulls. Halloween has to be one of my favourite holidays, I just love all the creativity, from baking to costumes and decorating. It’s also my mum’s birthday so there is always cake in my house,Continue reading “Gluten Free Skull Macarons”

Gluten Free Pumpkin Pops

OK so they’re not actually pumpkin flavour! But these gluten free cake pops are shaped like adorable little pumpkins and taste like chocolate orange, so that’s even better right? As much as I love pumpkin flavour on a cold day, not everyone actually likes pumpkin, so chocolate orange is a safer bet.